The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) together with the Bureau of Agriculture (BOA) organized a horticulture and healthy cooking workshop in collaboration with the State Government of Ngarchelong on August20th.Forty-threeparticipants from Ngarchelong State residents and members of Palau-Taiwan farmer association(PTFA) came to the state office in Mengelang to learn and gain more experience of home garden and healthy cooking.

The Governor of state Mr. Richard Ngiratrang in his opening speech urged the residents of the state to actively engage more in agriculture for food security and community development. He also expressed his gratitude to TTM & BOA for the opportunity to give the people a better understanding of horticulture cultivation experience and knowledge. Mr. Andy Chiang, the team leader of TTM, presented the goals and subjects of horticulture promotion project.

The workshop started with Mr.Tsai, manager of Animal Production Project, who gave a briefing on the pig project and answering questions about raising pigs. Mr. Jeffery Lin, horticulture specialist of TTM introduced home garden project including abundant varieties of vegetable and fruit cultivation and management, pest and disease control. William Chen, nutritionist of TTM from Kiribati demonstrated the use of mainly locally-grown ingredients to cook vegetable pancakes and Taiwanese style eggplant with minced pork. The attendees also gained their first hands-on experience on cooking by themselves. Furthermore, presentation on nutritional education was given to the participants to teach them how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the presentation, the attendees had their BMI values measured as well as being provided with health advice.

This was the eighth state of Palau to participate in the horticultural training and healthy cooking by TTM and BOA. The TTM in Palau has been dedicated to enhancing agricultural development in Palau for more than three decades. It operates a demonstration farm in Nekken, Aimeliik, and administers a number of programs.

TTM is glad to share technology and experience to whoever is interested in home garden project and horticultural cultivation. Please contact TTM at 488-6557 or 544-1616 for further information. (PR)