A television company from Japan, TV Tokyo Corporation, is in Palau filming an economic documentary report of the Palau-Japan Airport project, in a program called “Gaia no yaoke”.

When asked why there was an interest in Japan for such report, Mr. Yuki Ueda, Director of the News Division, explained that this was an interesting project for Japanese for number of reasons.

According to Mr. Yuki Ueda, Japan has never operated an international airport overseas before.  American and European companies have expanded airport operations world wide but this project is new challenge for Japanese company.  This project means Japan has begun to keep up.

“Haneda Airport, which has the largest number of passengers in Japan is also involved in this project.”

“We are paying attention to how Japanese technologies and methods are used at Palau airport.  Many Japanese companies are active in this project and we want everyone in Japan to see this documentary, especially we want business people to see,” stated Yuki Ueda.

“This are my personal opinions,” said Yuki Ueda. “Japan and Palau had been friends for many years and Palau is also popular for sight-seeing.  I hope the relationship between Japan and Palau will be better.  I want Japanese to be confident by seeing Japanese people playing abroad.” (L.N. Reklai)