Health authorities on Wednesday confirmed that two individuals tested positive for COVID-19.

The two individuals were identified as close contacts of the person who tested positive for COVID-19 on September 10.

” Additional tests including PCR GeneXpert and Abbott ID have confirmed positive results. These individuals have been placed in isolation for an additional 10 days and will undergo further testing and monitoring,’ according to a press release by the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MMHS).

Health authorities further added that the Bureau of Public Health personnel continues contact tracing and investigation of close contacts of these individuals. 

It added that five of the seven close contacts tested negative and will remain under quarantine before undergoing further testing on their day 10.

Health authorities added that the individuals are fully vaccinated while one is asymptomatic, the second individual had mild symptoms.

These two identified cases are classified as travel cases and according to MHHS, there is no suspected community transmission.  

In response to frustrated comments from the community like the following,

“Betok a rechad el uasei ngera me ko melkoi er kemam kmul uase bol meklou a rengmiu? Ngeral understanding a somiu er kemam? Tiang temel a covid eko mengedcheduch el uaisei? (Many people say why do you tell us to be patient? What understanding do you want from us? We’re in times of covid yet you talk in that manner?), Vice President explained why they were asking the public to be patient.

“This is why we are asking for your understanding” stated VP at this week’s press conference.  “When 9/11 happened 20 years ago, it changed the way we travel”; “it was inconvenient at that time and we didn’t want it, now it is normal.” 

“That is the new normal that we are asking understanding for at this time”. “The system works” said VP. Uduch.  Adding, “People are tested and if positive like what director Sher mentioned, they go to isolation”. “We are protected, and we are safe”!   “Let’s be patient and know that were are protected because our numbers regarding our vaccination rate is now at 89%”.   (B. Carreon with contributions from Eoghan O. Ngirudelsang) 

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