This Aug. 2015, photo posted on Facebook shows Rachelle Bergeron sitting a desk after taking on her new role as assistant attorney general of Yap State, on the Federated States of Micronesia. Bergeron was shot and killed outside her home on Yap on Oct. 14, 2019. (Yap State Government via AP)

Koror- Two men on Monday were charged with the Oct. 14 murder of Yap State Acting Attorney General Rachele Bergeron, who according to the criminal complaint filed before the Yap State Court have been planning to kill the American lawyer for weeks.

Based on the Criminal charge sheet filed on Oct. 28 by the Federated States of Micronesia’s Department of Justice, Anthony Rutun Teteeth and Frances Buchun allegedly conspired to kill Bergeron.

The complaint alleged that Buchun was the one who drove Teteeth to Ms. Bergeron’s house. Rutun Teteeth was reportedly the shooter.

Teteeth is facing charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, reckless endangering and malicious mischief, while Buchun is facing conspiracy to murder charges.

The two men were also separately charged with possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

Buchun and Teteeth were denied bail and are expected to again appear in court for arraignent in one-month time.

Early this week, Yap State Government announced that more one person has been arrested over the murder of Ms. Bergeron.

Bergeron was gunned down   in front of her house after her daily jog with her dog two weeks ago.

The Yap government l did not reveal any motives of the killing but Bergeron has been working on human trafficking cases in the United States and India before she moved to Yap in 2015.

However, court documents showed that Buchun has a pending criminal case before the court for illegal possession of firearms prior to the shooting of Bergeron.  She was prosecuting the case against Buchun.