Two Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) personnel attended an oil pollution prevention outreach and compliance assistance technical training hosted by Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) on September 25.

Environmental Protection Specialist from U.S. EPA Region 9. Pete Reich served as a special guest during the training.

PPUC’s Safety Officer Paul Tellei and Environmental Safeguard Officer David Bai also attended the one-day training consisting of class discussions and field assessment at the Belechel Gas Station.

Mr. Tellei mentioned that this training gave “participants the opportunity first hand to address and witness some common issues that are overlooked. These practices can result in fatality or cause harm to the environment.”

According to Mr. Bai, “the most beneficial part of this training is learning about the inspection process, what inspectors look for during inspections, and most importantly the various methods of secondary containment that ultimately prevents oil spills from contaminating our land and marine environment.”

Since there is no national used oil disposal or receiving facility, PPUC accepts and stores the Republic’s waste oil. Therefore, this training was very helpful in terms of educating and promoting safe oil storage practices. (PR)