By: L.N. Reklai

March 20, 2017 (Aimeliik, Palau) Uchel ra Medorm Paul B. Simang of Medorm hamlet of Aimeliik, was removed (mloiis) from his traditional seat in the Rubekul a Medorm (Council of Chiefs of Medorm) on March 5th, 2017 by the Rubekul a Medorm, this according to the notices sent to the Uorrot ra Blai  ra Ongall and Aimeliik State Government and Legislature.


Uchel ra Medorm is the highest ranking Chief of Medorm hamlet, one of the five main hamlets of Aimeliik State.  According to one of the chiefs of medorm, Krekrii Aisamerael Samsel, he was removed for leasing out a property belonging to the people of Medorm and managed by the Chiefs of Medorm, Rubekul a Medorm, without the knowledge and consent of the other chiefs of Medorm.

The property is a coastal property called Klou-Ngeyil  with a strip of beach located on the west coast of  Medorm, approximately 24,810 square meters in size.  According to Krekii, the chiefs of Medorm became aware of such lease when an announcement to Quiet Title to lease was made by Mr. Bo Pan, a Chinese national, to confirm the validity of his lease.

“This attempt by Uchel ra Medorm Paul Simang to lease this same property, occurred in 2005 and was stopped by the Chiefs of Medorm,” said Chief Krekrii. “We threatened to remove him then and he apologized so we did not.  Now, he has done it again,” he added.

The Rubekul a Medorm informed the Ourrot of the Ongall clan that the seat of Uchel ra Medorm is vacant until they receive and approve a new Uchel ra Medorm that is sent to them.  The chiefs signing the removal notice are Uchermelekl Teruo Rengulbai, Krekrii Aisamerael Samsel, Ibedul Warren Umetaro, Turbur Alfonso Seklii, Remark Tommy Remengesau Jr., Kerrekungil Smith Siabang, Ongeai Olngellel Mongami, and Ngirabelau Alonz Kyota. Three chiefs who did not sign were Ngeteltang Marino Rechesengel, Ebas Rubasech Obak and Oilal Alven Samsel. [/restrict]