By Francis Talasasa

United Nation Pacific Strategy is supporting Palau to further strengthen its national priority plans during a consultation workshop this week at Palasia conference center.

The workshop was attended by Palau Government Minister of State Hon. Rev. Billy G. Kuartei, United Nation Residential Coordinator Ms. Osnat Lubrani, and Director of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Casmir Remengesau, Director of the Minstry of State Mr. Gustav Aitaro, members of the OTV and representative Mr. Rayven Rengulbai and stakeholders.


A fact released from the Ministry of Finance stated 6 examples of national priorities with past legislations or strategies that have articulated some specific actions to be implemented in the next 5 years. He explained the idea is to do a better job of showing results of our work, which would require monitoring and evaluation, and to require specifically identified activities and not just goals and aspirations. These are the represent examples of national policies with identified activities that we could start with. “The 6 examples are set to highlight recurring priorities which also have identified action items that we need to implement”.

United Nation Residential Coordinator briefly cited in her remarks expressing her confidence. She said, “I am sure that a lot of ideas raised were captured. I find it very interesting and grateful on those different voices, the social elements of very positive many of the UN agencies visiting areas where they do have comparative advantage in working on issues and something to contribute to. The development of this country is not just the responsibility of the government, everyone has a role to play and it should be owned. That is what we gain about communication to build that type of ownership. She is very pleased and to hear the willingness which showed a lot of opportunities in the private sectors do really need to be explored and fully equipped, that is the future. [/restrict]