Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands look to China and the international community to lead in advancing its collective position to bring about change, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in China.


In his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, O’Neill called on greater support to smaller nations combating extreme weather and extended the nation’s sympathies to the people of China following devastating floods over the past week that have claimed hundreds of lives.

He said the extreme weather and related floods in China were another example of the destruction caused around the world as a result of climate change, and that the international community needs to step up efforts to support smaller nations.

O’Neill was speaking to more than 2000 delegates at the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference in the Chinese city of Guiyang.

“This disaster in China is a current and very real example of the damage caused when we allow the climate of our planet to change, and is another wakeup call for all of us around the world,” he said.

“I extend our condolences to the people of China, following the tragic loss of livesfrom flooding in central and southern China.”

The Prime Minister said the theme of this year’s forum ‘‘Embracing a new era of eco-civilisation’’ could not be more relevant. SOURCE: POST COURIER/PACNEWS [/restrict]