Ministry of Health and Human Services announced that effective October 25, unvaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter Palau with an attestation form and/or a waiver for vaccination requirements due to medical reasons.

Palauans and visitors that have not been able to board a plane to Palau due to the vaccination requirement imposed by Palau will now be able to enter with either an attestation form or a vaccination waiver due to medical reasons.

Upon arrival, unvaccinated travelers will need to follow requirements such as self-monitoring for five days upon arrival, wearing masks in public places during the 5-day period, and getting tested on the 3rd day following arrival.

The reason for the allowance, according to an announcement from the Ministry of Health and Human Services, is due to the high number of vaccinated public, the availability of effective medicines for COVID-19 as well as other tools for preventing the spread of COVID-19. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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