Letter from United States Congress calls on Palau to join a number of countries seeking an end to China’s (PRC) efforts to keep Taiwan out of international organizations, especially World Health Organization (WHO).

The letter was signed by Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs Eliot L. Engel, Ranking Member of House Committee on Foreign Affairs Michael T. McCaul, Chairman of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations James E. Risch, and Ranking Member of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Robert Menendez.

Calling for support and inclusion into World Health Assembly, the letter states that United States has been consistently supporting Taiwan’s participation and membership in international organizations where possible.  Furthermore, it adds that United States rejects “Beijing’s attempts to impose its position regarding Taiwan upon other United Nations Member States.”

“United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 does not address the issue of representation of Taiwan and its people in the organization, nor does it give China the right to represent the people of Taiwan,” the letter states.

Citing Taiwan’s medical and humanitarian assistance to combat diseases such as AID, tuberculosis, Ebola and dengue fever around the world and its effectiveness in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Taiwan despite its close proximity to China, the letter asserts that Taiwan has long record as reliable global health partner from whom the world could fully benefit.

Letter further states that “Beijing’s bullying tactics have effectively barred Taiwan from crucial discussions related to public health and safety. Such treatment has undermined Taiwan’s ability to contribute to international response efforts and also endanger the health and safety of the island’s 23 million people.”

The heads of both houses committees urged Palau government to join them in pushing for inclusion of Taiwan in global health and safety organizations, saying “diseases know no borders.”

Palau has been a consistent supporter of Taiwan’s inclusion in the international organizations within United Nations and have on more than occasion, including last remarks made by President Remengesau at the UN General Assembly’s 74th Session last year, calling for inclusion of Taiwan in WHA.

“Our collective commitment to leave no country behind also demands that we end our exclusion of Taiwan and its 23 million people, not only here in the General Assembly but also in the range of international bodies that are essential to establishing effective multilateralism, such as the World Health Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” President Remengesau