By: L.N. Reklai

November 3, 2016 (Koror)  Kenneth Uyehara, Treasurer of Angaur State and Chief of Staff of the Angaur State Governor Marvin Ngirutang, is leading in the Angaur race for the office of the governor, according to the unofficial results of the election held along with the general election this week.


Uyehara leads in the unofficial tally with 92 votes against Warren Fukuichi with 67 and Kennosuke Suzuky with 63 votes.

Mr. Uyehara is a retired US Air Force sergeant, holds an MBA, and is a certified Realtor and Land Appraiser and had been a former general manager of Palau Public Utilities Corporation.

“I chose to run for Angaur State governor because I want to give back to my State,” stated Mr. Uyehara during a radio interview. [/restrict]