The Palau Bureau of Lands and Surveys (BLS) received a Technical Assistance Program grant of $324,268.00 from the U.S. Office of Insular Affairs to update its land surveying, mapping and information management system.  


Palau’s Bureau of Lands and Surveys, an agency of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce, provides logistical support to the Land Court and its sixteen State Land Registration Offices, the Palau Public Lands Authority and the sixteen State Public Land Authorities.  The Bureau is responsible for preparing all official survey drawings, property plat examinations, survey computations, map and survey plat compilations, photogrammetric computations, interpretations and drawings, urban and rural planning maps and drawings and map reproduction and printing.

Through its Division of Land Resources Information, the Bureau maintains Palau’s land classification program, the purpose of which is to assess the productivity of Palau’s public and private lands and their suitability for agriculture.  They are also responsible for compiling all historical records of land transactions, including Japanese land records and court cases, to keep track of land ownership in Palau.

Beyond updating of its equipment, the Bureau will use the grant award to design a system infrastructure for processing of documents.  Land records will be automated in textual format with links to maps and other graphical images. The BLS information system will then be integrated with other agencies like PALARIS, the Bureau of Public Safety and the Palau Protected Areas Network so that records, once digitized, can be readily disseminated and used for planning, decision making, sustainable land use management and public information. [/restrict]