To commemorate the 20 years of diplomatic relations between Palau and Taiwan, Republic of China -Taiwan Vice President Chen Chien-jen and his wife were asked by President Tsai-Ing Wen to represent Taiwan in attending various events that celebrate the friendship between the two countries such as the Palau-Taiwan friendship night market that was held on Saturday December 28.

Beforehand, Vice President Chen and his wife were welcomed by the local and Taiwanese community as soon as they set foot on Palau. Minister Faustina Rehuher-Marrug boarded the aircraft to meet Vice President and his wife. They were met up with Palau’s Vice President Oilouch and Palau Ambassador to Taiwan Dilmei Louisa Olkeriil. Taiwanese expatriates who were at the airport to welcome Vice President Chen held their national flags excitedly he made his way through the airport.

At Ernguul Park where the night market was held, Vice President Chen and his wife visited each stall to try what the Taiwanese expatriates had to offer which included bubble tea, calamari, fried chicken and to ask their experiences here in Palau. Shortly after that, the Nibun Chorus (An indigenous singing group from the Liugui area of Kaohsing) took to the stage to perform for everyone.  Joining Vice President Chen and his delegation were Vice President Oilouch and his wife, ROC (Republic of China) Ambassador to Palau Wallace M.G. Wong, PVA Chairman Ngirai Tmetuchl and many other local officials. The Palau-Taiwan night market was a collaborative effort with Palau Visitors Authority and the Embassy of Republic of China in Palau.