Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-jen visited Taiwan Technical Mission, National Slaughterhouse, and feed mill while in Palau on December 30th with the intention of witnessing the progress that has been made by these establishments for the Palauan community.

Vice President Chen was briefed upon arrival by the Technical Mission’s Leader Chiang Yi-chan.

Through Leader Chiang’s report, Vice President Chen was made aware of and appreciated the wide variety of diets between different places and the ways that technical missions can help change lives. Upon its establishment, the Taiwan Technical Mission have always been about assisting as well as promoting the economic and social development of friendly or developing countries.

Vice President Chen expressed his appreciation of Taiwan’s Technical Mission’s hard work and thanked them for their contributions on behalf of the government as well as the people of Taiwan. In addition, he was happy to have them in Palau and believed that their presence would help bring both countries closer to each other in terms of their friendship.

Moreover, Vice President Chen expressed that the tourism industry is very important to Palau and that the fruits that they are growing in the agricultural missions have contributed to it greatly. He also believes that by doing this, it will allow Taiwan to showcase the many fruits that are native to their homeland.

He hopes that the Taiwan Technical Mission will continue to expand and that Palauans’ will gain knowledge of the fruits from Taiwan, their cultivation, and how to promote them. After visiting the Taiwan Technical Mission, Vice President Chen also paid a visit to the National Slaughterhouse and feed mill in order to learn more about the implementation of the Taiwan-Palau Animal Production Project.

He thanks to all the workers that are giving everything they can for Taiwan and for their continued efforts to provide for Palau, its neighbori