By: L.N. Reklai

The recently held 22nd Independence Day saw number of dignitaries representing v allies and friends of Palau joining Palau in its Independence celebration.

Many of the visiting dignitaries brought congratulatory messages from leadership of their countries to the people Palau.  In addition to goodwill messages, some friends and allies extend goodwill gifts along with pledge of support in areas of mutual interests.


HE Igor A. Khoveav, Ambassador of Russia to Palau, extend his country’s congratulatory message and extend support in term of scholarships to Palauan students to study languages in the famed Russian language university.

HE Martin Slabber of South Africa offered his country’s technical support in terms of conservation management, having some of the largest terrestrial and marine conservation areas of its own.

Ambassador of Thailand to Palau HE Thanatip Upatising offered to share Thailand’s technical know-how and support in the breeding of mangrove crab (Chemang) in captivity as one of the products Palau can increase its production of.

Ambassador of South Korea to Palau HE Kim Jae Shin, presented Palau with two brand new ambulances for Palau’s medical service support.

Palau’s visitors include business friends and NGOs that also extended their support to Palau such as the donation of 80 wheelchairs from Japan group to Palau Aging Program and Japan Airlines revelation of plans to increase flights from Japan to Palau.

The 22nd Independence Day or birthday to Palau brought good will messages and presents from allies and friends around the world, a Happy 22nd Birthday to Palau! [/restrict]