Nation-wide election is taking place today to amend Article 1, Section of Palau’s Constitution, amending the language defining Palau’s boundaries.

The amendment seeks to make the language used in demarcating Palau’s boundary comprehensive, to include all of the islands, atolls, reefs, shoals and “all land areas adjacent and in between and also consist of the internal waters and archipelagic waters within these land areas, the territorial waters around these land areas and the air space above these land and water areas extending to a two hundred (200) nautical miles exclusive zone.”

Rather than specific point to point on land and reefs, the proposal covers all areas.  The proposal also includes air space which is not in the current language of the Constitution. Putting something in the constitution makes it final. But these issues are still growing and developing. We don’t want to freeze in our tracks, we want to keep up with the times, for the good of Palau.”

“The proposal only increases Palau’s territory.  We may be a small island state but increasing our boundary makes us a truly large ocean state,” expressed President Remengesau.  “I don’t know who does not want to increase our territory, who would vote no to increasing Palau’s territory.”

The election is going on this Friday May 1, 2020 and polling places are all the regular polling places in each State with exception of Central polling place which is at Palau High School Multi-Purpose Building.

Exercise your right, cast your vote and be counted.