Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch is eyeing a dialogue with the Philippine government in matters of labor and employment and to facilitate an easier process for Palauan employers to recruit Filipino workers to Palau.


In an interview, Oilouch said, “ Palau need workers from the Philippines,” but he said that it has been difficult to hire Filipino workers.

Oilouch said that President Remengesau has earlier announced that he is planning a trip to the Philippines to meet and have a dialogue with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on numerous issues of mutual interest between the two countries.

Oilouch said he wanted the same opportunity to discuss labor and employment matters with the pertinent Philippine authorities and forge a labor cooperation agreement.

Under the Philippine laws, the Philippine  Overseas Employment Administration  (POEA)  governs the employment of overseas Filipino workers. Filipinos traveling to another country to work are usually required to get an exit clearance from POEA.

The POEA has an existing ban on the deployment of domestic workers to Palau.

Filipinos comprise the largest foreign work force in Palau and are engaged in the hotel and restaurant, tour and construction industries.  [/restrict]