Foreigners living and working in Palau faces checks from Division of Labor and Bureau of Immigration to ensure that they have the proper documents, as mandated by law.

Oilouch said the “checks” is a normal process which labor and immigration officers are required to do under the law.


“We decided we are going to have officers from labor and immigration office to start going around and visiting employers and employees working places and barracks to check the foreign workers immigration and labor papers,” he explained last week.

“This is not a crackdown, it is what the immigration and labor officers should be doing everyday under the existing laws. It is expected from me to ensure that laws are followed,” he said.

The checks were restarted on June 19 and will be a normal routine under his administration, Oilouch said.

The Vice President said that the checks are not intended to deport and send foreigners who are caught without the proper documents.

Oilouch said citations will be issued of its found that they have violated labor laws but it is also meant to give foreigner workers the opportunity to sort out their documents.

He said no laws or no new regulations have been made regarding foreign workers, but simply enforcing the law and conducting routine enforcement. [/restrict]