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The Filipina who was in news for allegedly attempting to leave Palau with an undeclared $30,000, now in distress, said she doesn’t have that kind of money and she was not at the airport on Friday as reported by Tia Belau, a Palau-based newspaper.

Althea Posadas, 28, found herself baffled when she saw her face on the front page of Tia Belau newspaper last week.

“I was washing my clothes on the evening of Friday, I then went to a friends’ house to have some drinks and then we were at the Zone Bar in Malakal till 2 AM. I was never at the airport,” Posadas said.

The report stated that she was caught carrying $30,000 in cash at the security check and was not allowed to board the plane.

Island Times approached the immigration office where Officer Levi said that the immigration has no record of such incident. He also added he was on duty at the airport on Friday and he heard of no such incident.

The Director of Customs and Border Protection was however not available to further clarify the report published in a newspaper on Monday this week.

The Tia Belau report also revealed where Posadas resided and claimed that she was attempting to take the money to Philippines. There was no official quote to support the statement made by the newspaper.

Posadas further said that when she, along with her mother approached the police, they were told that there was indeed an incident where a different person was caught in possession of a big amount of money.

The punishment for carrying more than $10,000 into or out of Palau is seizure of the amount and a penalty of double the value of the currency. Depending on the incident, the penalty could also include prison time.

Posadas’s sister was in talks about employment in Palau but after the unverified report, the employer denied her the job.

The family is now visiting public offices to seek legal help and take action against the newspaper as they believe their reputation has been damaged. (Eshan Kalyanikar)