The government has urged the public to take action to conserve water in the dry season as water levels in many areas have “dropped drastically.”

Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) announced yesterday that Mongami, Aimeliik and Mengellang, and Ollie, Ngerchelong have been put on  “Water Shortage Alert” effective Monday, April 6, 2020.

“Water conservation measures should be implemented at this time. Residents of Mongami, Mengellang, and Ollei are urged to minimize water use and limit to essential use only,’ the announcement.

PPUC said it would continue to monitor water levels and inform the public.

In a statement over the weekend, President Tommy Remengesau said that Palau is entering dry season, which would bring water shortages.

“This time will bring new challenges with water shortages and the increased potential for brushfires throughout the Republic. We need to act now by beginning to exercise water conservation and preventing unnecessary fires, “ he said.

PPUC said that the waters in Ngerikiil Dam have fallen from the normal eight feet but because of improvements in the water system storage tanks and water networks have had no issues with leaks.

According to the Palau National Weather Service Facebook page said that  “trend after an El Nino year (2019), is that the dry season following an El Nino year (2020) may be drier than normal and that has been the case for January and March this year.”

In added that pattern suggests that normal rainfall might be experienced by August.   (B. Carreon)