“Let someone else run the world for a while. Jesus took time for a party…shouldn’t we?” – Max Lucado

Fear makes us control life around us, running people’s life.  Ker di mesaod e di mengederedr as if talking to a can of sardines. We indulge with words insensitive of tender ears and hurt them.  It’s easier to be selfish and remain an infant with your demands than to live with self-control. It takes a lot of work to grow from egocentric infancy into a mature adult. Growth can’t take place without the intentionality of consciousness. And growth is a social process… I need you to point out to me what I need to do so I can grow “up”.


The mystics and physicist tell us that in the state of bliss, we have a Higher Power available to us. Being connected to all consciousness gives us resources of insight and knowledge that are more powerful than any we’ve ever imagined. The condition required for such knowledge is the letting go of all ego control. A slogan in Twelve Step groups says, “Let go and let God.” Another says, “Turn it over.” Both slogans urge you to let go of ego control.”

All consciousness is intentional. “Nothing walks with aimless feet,” says the poet. I’ve suggested that ‘people make sense” no matter how bizarre their behavior may appear to us. I believe that God has a “plan” for our lives. As we look back over our lives, it is often clear that was such a plan. Over the years it has become clear to me that if I get out of the way and quit trying to control things, life always work out. Someone said to me, “Don’t try to make things happen; let them happen in their own time. Be willing to let the Universe move in its course and you move with it…. You be one with the cosmos and the one who made the universe.”

Gerald May, a theologian, makes a similar distinction in his book Will and Spirit , where he speaks of the difference between willingness and willfulness, said something like — we are part of a bigger plan that if we are willingly surrender our distinctiveness, we immerse into the processes of life itself. In contrast, if we are willful – insisting on controlling our life – we set ourselves apart from the master plan, and find ourselves trying to manipulate existence.

Barry Stevens calls this “flowing with the river.” Our ego, with its limited vision, can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. To “let go and let God” is to turn it over to higher consciousness. And trust that life will go on without our help.

I agree with Stevens. Rivers are a combination of waters coming forth from the earth and rain from above. When the river swells because of the heavy rain, it rushes over the mountain creating a magnificent waterfall. It is in the free-fall that water displays its splendor, pomp and circumstance. It is in the falling that the rest of the forest is watered and nourished without prejudiced. Like waterfall, we are free to fall where we may!  We just be mirrors … reflecting their beauty, their joys, sorrows and afflictions in our eyes. We go to parties and we dance…  [/restriction]