Koror, Palau – On March 9, 2020, Palau Conservation Society was thrilled to receive a generous donation of $2,500 from the West Caroline Trading Company (WCTC) in support of the continued outreach to local youth against marine plastic pollution in the hopes of inspiring Palau’s next generation of biologists, teachers, business owners, and leaders to become future conservation champions of Palau. Pictured on the left is assistant administrative personnel Elizabeth Tatingal presenting the check to PCS director Bola Majekobaje.

As far as community goes, this local corporation has stood the test of time to establish it’s now well-known roots in Palau. Within the same decade that World War II ended, 16 individuals from each state were selected to organize the company. Together, they drafted the charter of the West Caroline Trading Company that was approved by the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands High Commissioner. Today, the corporation operates with about 450 employees and over 35 business entities, some of which include the new West Plaza Hotel at Lebuu Street, ACE Hardware and Palau Brewing Co.

Aside from its business endeavors, WCTC is taking a lead in the nation’s conservation efforts by providing low-cost reusable bags for its customers to use. With each purchase, every customer that brings these environmentally friendly bags receives a $0.15 discount as appreciation for reducing plastic use. You can find an array of different sizes and colors in both the first-floor shopping center and the department store on the second floor.

WCTC is one of PCS’ major donors and longtime Corporate Partners for Conservation (CPC). We are proud to stand by the support of Palau’s oldest and largest locally-owned corporations.

Corporate partners like the West Caroline Trading Co. know that integrating conservation into our children’s education programs is just as important as practicing plastic reduction on a larger, corporate scale. If we don’t act now, the future generations will have to bear the burden of the mistakes that we could have avoided. The PCS Board of Directors and staff are grateful to WCTC for their yearly commitment to the Palau Conservation Society. Any company or interested individuals wishing to make a donation is encouraged to contact Ms. Bola Majekobaje, PCS Executive Director, at 488-3993, or via email at bola@palauconservation.org.