If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.  John Irving.

A dying rabbi asked his young Jewish friend, “What is your glory?”  He didn’t know.  He was a sportswriter for a newspaper.  At the time of his encounter with the rabbi, he was raising funds to help an old friend, an African American inner city pastor in Chicago, repair the roof of his church. The rabbi smiled, “That’s your glory. Now go do it.”  


A friend called the other day and said, “Eang honest e kau tial kle chechei kede mekerang er ngii? Sel le kora kmal ungiang a chad e kedemeral mo mechelid e melemall e mengurs er ngii loltengel er ngii.” I believe shame not only binds us but blinds us.  Shame compares us with others.  Shame makes us think the sun shines on that person in the light but not on us.  Shame, like an eclipse in the sun deludes us.  But the sun shines on everyone, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, the rich and the poor, the fatherless and widows.

When I was younger and didn’t quite know what I was born to do – my purpose in life – I always compared myself with those who seemed to be doing better and greater things. I looked at those who had money and felt destitute even though I had enough money to survive. Still it made me jealous and allowed envy to creep into my mind and make me miss a step.  I noticed that when I am most unhappy with myself, I am most critical of others.  When I am most into self-condemnation, I am most judgmental of others.  It is a truism that those who had found their glory – are the most nonjudgmental of others, especially their fellow Christians.  They get on very well with wrongdoers.  They are not severe with human weaknesses or those addicted to human indulgence.  (But also like Christ, they are not lenient with those guilty of religious hypocrisy).  Treat yourself as your best friend today and find courage to live in the resurrection of Christ.

False humility will tell you that God will not share his glory… and will quote the scripture.  But that means God will not share his glory with the Evil One.  Truth is: the Evil one was not made in the image of God.  We are.  We are glorious being created out of love, in the glorious image of God.  No one is more significant than you.  When we do accept ourselves, we find it easy to love and build others up, unafraid that we’re being out-shined by another.  I think it’s Saint Irenaeus who said (I’m paraphrasing) that you are most like your creator when you are in your glory.

My nephew is so good in farming… he found his glory.  Agriculture is his calling and I am very proud of him. God made a beautiful garden with trees bearing fruits, and all kinds of plants for food.

So, what is your glory?   [/restrict]