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The wife of a former senator Mlib Tmetuchl was arrested in an alleged methamphetamine related case on Wednesday this week but everything about the case remains “under seal” and cannot be seen by anyone other than the judges.

Dixie Tmetuchl was arrested but according to the official sources the under seal tag to her case doesn’t allow them to deny or agree to the fact that she was arrested.

The mystery around Tmetuchl’s case has given rise to a question, What about right to information of the public?

The case being under seal also doesn’t allow the officials to talk about anyone who may have been arrested along with her, the names remain unknown if any.

Tmetuchl was arraigned on Wednesday and posted $5,000 dollar bail, according to sources.

Island Times reached out to the Narcotics Enforcement Agency Officials to give the basic details of the case but the NEA officials haven’t responded to the inquiries.

Keiden Kintol of the Ministry of Justice stated that due to the sealed nature of the case, all are prohibited from discussing any and all parts of the case.

He further added, due to the “sealed” nature of the case, it cannot be revealed who requested for the case to be sealed.

The locals have used the term “Dixie Chicks” around social media referring to the people involved in the alleged illegal drug activities.

The Attorney General’s Office responded to the media about the case being under seal by citing Rule 50 of the ROP Rules of Criminal Procedure that reads,

“A party seeking to file under seal a pleading, motion, document, or exhibit must file a written motion for leave to do so.  The pleading, motion, document, or exhibit thereafter may be filed under seal only if the court so orders.”

It further adds, “Once the court enters an order permitting or directing the parties to file certain designated materials under seal, the parties thereafter shall file all such materials under seal without filing a further request to do so.”

The Clerk Of Court officials told the Island times that once the case is under seal, it remains so until court decides to unseal it. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)