Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA) Director Ismael Aguon

A big win for the Narcotics Enforcement Agency this month as the man who was charged with Methamphetamine trafficking has been sentenced to 25 years prison term this month.

Along with 25 years of imprisonment, Karn Mabel has been fined $50,000 and is not allowed work release.

In the sentencing order, Associate Justice Kathleen M Salii said, “Trafficking in [of] ice has many victims. In this case, Defendants young children are the victims of his crimes because they will grow up without their father in their daily lives as a direct consequence of his choices. The ripple effects may be devastating. That is the reality of drug trafficking.”

According to NEA official Kenny Sengebau, Mabel was caught last year using what NEA calls a controlled buy with the help of a confidential informant (CI). This was achieved by searching the CI for money or drugs before the operation and then providing him with $100 to purchase methamphetamine from Mabel.

The CI who was being observed during the operation by the NEA agents was sent to Public Health Office Parking lot where Mabel was going to meet him.

When the CI returned to the NEA officials, he revealed over one “plate” of methamphetamine to Sengebau which was later found positive after a field test.

The NEA then performed a second controlled buy using the same CI on Mabel, this time, with an intention to arrest.

The CI who was given $200 to purchase meth met with Mabel on the same location. The transaction was success and CI returned to the NEA officials, who were keeping a surveillance during the operation, with 200 plates of meth.

The meth was tested by Sengebau and the result was positive after which the NEA officials attempted to stop Mabels vehicle but he managed to escape.

An arrest warrant was filed at the court in the month of November and Mabel was arrested in the same month. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)