A local woman was charged on three counts of felony charges last week involving alleged attempt to bring in illegal drugs from United States to sell in Palau.

Ms. Pamela Wasisang was charged on one count of Trafficking Controlled Substance, one count of Criminal Conspiracy and one count of Possession of More Than One Gram of a Controlled Substance.

According to police affidavit, Ms. Wasisang was observed prior to disembarking from Korean Air flight on December 6, 2019 as last passenger, leave the forward lavatory of the plane by Palau Customs Officer during a routine inspection.  Customs Officer checked the lavatory right after she left and found an item wrapped in plastic bag with duct tape attached to the trash bin. Item was photographed and a K-9 Specialist and Customs Officer were brought in to inspect the item. Ms. Wasisangwas asked to undergo secondary inspection.

No other suspicious items were found on Ms. Wasisang after the inspection.  The item was then opened and substance inside was field tested and was found positive for methamphetamine  or “ice”, an illegal drug.

Police affidavit stated that Ms. Wasisang, at an interview with NEA agents, admitted that she put the item in the trash on the plane. She also revealed that she went to Portland, Oregon in October of 2019 and before she left she was asked by Sonia Toribiong pick up a package for her.  She said Ms. Toribiong deposited $2000 into her account to pay her ticket to Portland and back.  She allegedly reported that Ms. Toribiong bragged that Burton Wenty, SylverioRengulbai and Sophia Solang provided her with money for her ticket and to buy drugs.

Report further stated that Ms. Wasisang was provided 62.5 grams of methamphetamine by Ms. Toribiong’s ex Davis David and 20 grams was given to her by her friend Tyron Brown while in Oregon.

On her way to Palau, Ms. Wasisang said she got scared and threw away the 20 grams Brown gave her but kept the 62.5 that she had wrapped and inserted inside her.  Upon arrival, she was told that she will be met by authorities and flushed contents of one the packages down the toilet but the other one, she just threw in the trash.

Ms. Wasisang alleged that she was promised $10,000 and a car for bringing the drugs into Palau.

The charges are all felony charges with Trafficking a Controlled Substance carrying a jail sentence of not less than 25 years and fine of not less than $50,000.  Possession of More than One gram carries minimum jail sentence of not less than 15 years and fine of not less than $10,000.

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  1. God bless you sis i hope u got this as rock bottom cause drugs is evil it’s nothing but kill people n god love all palauan people that why I didn’t go through so I pray for u and who ever made u do this 🙏

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