A 29-year old woman, Chelsea Ngirakesiil, convicted of manslaughter for the death of her husband Charlie Ngcheed, was sentenced to 10 years of probation and 2 years in jail beginning on June 26, 2020.

In the sentencing order, the court stated that “while some term of incarceration is justified, a jail term of of 25 years under the circumstances here is not warranted.”

The court took into account the fact that the victim and the defendant were husband and wife and a had young child together.  It further states that the incident started with “celebrations and ended with series of poor decisions” altering the lives of the families forever.

The court also stated that the Defendant Chelsea Ngirakesiil had no extensive criminal record, but she “failed to show remorse for her actions which resulted in the death of Charlie Ngcheed” and that she only accepted her guilt for failing to bring him to the hospital.

Taking all of these into account, Ms. Ngirakesiil was sentenced 10 years probation and two years in jail starting June 26, 2020.  She is instructed to follow the laws and that failure to do so may be grounds for revocation of her probation and the remainder of her suspended sentence to be imposed.

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