By: L.N. Reklai

August 2, 2017 (Koror,Palau) The two women charged for smuggling methamphetamine or “ice” to Palau last year inside their body cavities were sentenced on August 2, 2017 to seven (7)years of active probation.

Active probation requires both defendants to follow certain conditions such as testifying truthfully at the trial of Junior Larry Hillbroom for drug charges.  Meyar’s conditions include also paying a $2,500 fine, undergo random drug testing and staying away from known drug offenders except for her ex-husband.

Villareal’s conditions include her staying away from known drug  offenders, obey all laws of the Republic and paying her deportation costs back to Philippines within 30 days of sentencing of Junior Larry Hillbroom. She is also deemed as Undesirable Alien and will be placed on the Undesirable Alien List never to return to Palau.

Sorch Meyar and Elenita Villaruel were apprehended at Palau International airport early last year for attempting to smuggle methamphetamine to Palau by hiding them inside their body cavities.

After being apprehended, they informed the police that they were asked by Mr. Hillbroom to bring the drugs to Palau for payment.

Junior Larry Hillbrooms is out on bail and awaiting trial.