The mystery around the two women reportedly detained at the airport on suspicion of illegal drugs continues as the Narcotics Enforcement Agency officials directed enquires to the MOJ Chief of Staff who himself isnot fully appraised of the incidents but is certain they were not arrested.

There are no reports of these two alleged incidents on the police blotters in the past two weeks.

The Chief of Staff Earnest Ongidobel said that the women who were allegedly detained were certainly not arrested, however, he is also not aware if there is ongoing investigation.

Ongidobel added that the officials who conducted the inspection of the women were Customs officials and NEA officials and one of them leaked a false report at an early stage to the media.

He said that it is for this very reason that the NEA officials are reluctant to talk to media at this point and assured that things will gain clarity once NEA Director Ismael Aguon returns to Palau.

He did saythat one of the women who was detained was carrying an envelope containing campaign materials for Surangel Jr. for the upcoming elections.

However, he did not recollect the names of the women detained.

He also expressed frustration over allegations thrown out that the incident was planned to malign Whipps image.

He added that Vice President RaynoldOilouch who is running for President wants to win the election fairly and not thru deceitful means. (Eshan Kalyanikar)