A 38-year old Bangladeshi male, Amir Hussain, a worker at Belau Ship Yard, died from internal injuries caused when a boom truck malfunctioned and pinned him to a metal post during a scrap metal collection operation.

On December 27, an ambulance was requested at the Belau Ship Yard in Malakal for an injured person.  Police found Amir Hussain lying on the ground, surrounded by his co-workers and immediately transported him to Belau National Hospital.  Half an hour later upon arriving at the hospital, police report states that Mr. Hussain succumbed to his death due to the extent of his internal injuries.

Mr. Hussain got pinned between the left stabilizer of a boom truck and a metal post during a scrap metal operation. Police interviews with deceased’s colleagues revealed that mechanical problems involving a boom truck caused the death of Mr. Hussain and there was no foul play involved in his death. (L.N. Reklai)