A former Kiribati president says the world cannot rest on the laurels of what it achieved in the Paris climate agreement.

Anote Tong has lobbied for climate change action for years, often with the former Marshallese Climate Ambassador Tony de Brum by his side.


Tributes flowed last week for de Brum who died on Tuesday.

Tong said while they achieved small victories for the Pacific in the Paris accord of 2015, he and the late de Brum lobbied for a stronger deal.

“There has got to be a better formulation of something that is concrete that we’d be able to use for the challenge that they still continue to face, even if the emissions are cut down to zero.

“So that has never been answered and that has always been the question that I take to the conferences that I’ve attended. Up until now there has been no credible response,” he said. SOURCE: RNZI/PACNEWS [/restrict]