The international delegates to the 2017 World Summit and over  30,000 Koreans on Thursday  were bused to the snowing mountains in the northern part of South Korea near the Demilitarized Zone( DMZ) at the border with North Korea,  to take part in the activities at the Cheongshim Peace World Center  to    celebrate  the birthdays of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the worldwide  unification movement and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Moon, president of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). UPF is  the sponsor of  the annual  summit  this year with the  topics  on   Peace, Security, and Human Development.


A large Oceania (Pacific)  delegation including 4 delegates from  Palau    attended the first full day on Thursday of the 5-day  2017 World Summit attended by over 600 delegates including over 300 congressmen and senators, former presidents, and prime ministers,  religious, academic, and media leaders  from  120 countries  from  every region of the world.

The activities on Thursday were held  the Peace World Center included remarks by UPF officials, documentaries, songs, and musical  numbers about the lives  of the Rev. Moon and Dr. Hak. Messages from   world leaders sent to the 2017 summit, were read with their pictures splashed on  the giant screens in the 4-story gym including President Remengesau  to the applause  of the thousands  in attendance. “ I convey my best wishes and am confident of the success of the 4th World Summit on “Peace, Security, and Human Development,” stated part of the President’s message. Later in the day, the delegates were divided into three groups to attend different sessions on principles of peace and  with   the members of   the Korean National Assembly (Congress).

On Friday and Saturday, delegates will take part in the Sunhak Peace Award Ceremony to give   awards  to individuals or organizations  around the world who contributed substantially  to peace and human development for the sake of the future generations. It will  be followed by three plenary session on “Addressing the Critical Challenges of our Time: Peace, Security, and Human Development” including environmental degradation, violent conflict, extremism, extreme poverty with the emphasis on practices and action steps in order  to transform our world into a  world of peace and mutual prosperity. The summit will conclude Saturday evening.

Rev. Moon is a  Korean preacher who  was converted to Christianity at the  age of 15 and who said Jesus appeared to him while praying at a  mountain of what is now North Korea and directed him  to spread the faith.  Imprisoned during the early 1950’s in North Korea, he escaped to South Korea and started a Christian church in small shack that  evolved  into a world wide church, movement, and organization    with many activities in most countries  preaching  and promoting   peace among countries,  churches,  marriages, families,   sports, and in education. Rev. Moon had authored many books and writings  on his philosophy and ideas about life, Christianity, peace, and  families and  died four years ago. He is known for speaking for hours without notes and he  visited Palau several years ago and spoke at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center for three hours straight.

The Palau delegation includes  retired  Senator, Universal Peace Ambassador, and new TV newscaster Joel Toribiong and wife Sandy, Senate Committee on Youth and Culture Chairman and family-first advocate  Uduch Senior, and  Palau Media Council Chairman, Universal Ambassador of Peace and Special Envoy of the President, Moses Uludong. [/restrict]