A write-in candidate Sharp Sakuma led the primary election for the Office of Governor of Ngaraard State, with 148 votes over incumbent Governor Benjamin Iskawa’s 137 votes. 

As a result, Sharp Sakuma will be on the 11th Ngaraard State General Election ballot with incumbent Governor Iskawa in the November election this year. 

Two other gubernatorial candidates that didn’t make it, former governor Isaac Bai and John Mengidab, had a total of 120 votes between them. 

With 10 votes lead, Sakuma and Iskawa will still need to contend for the 120 votes that the other candidates won.

Sharp Sakuma, the write in candidate is considered to be a favorite while incumbent Governor Iskawa is said to have extended family connections but is beset with ongoing criminal case.  The position is still up for grabs for both candidates.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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