COLONIA, YAP FSM.  The Yap Development Network continues to grow and create networks on Yap. The YDN was a concept developed by the Yap Chamber of Commerce and has been running for over a year. The next meeting will take place in Colonia, Yap on the 31st August with the Bank of Guam as presenters.


“The purpose of the Yap Development Network is to bring together the various organizations and departments, who are developing, funding and implementing projects across Yap. The main goal is information sharing with other interested stakeholders in order to raise awareness and reduce project duplication and resource wastage.” YCC Executive Director Marie Laamar explained.

Each presentation details current and or past projects of various organizations that affect or operate in Yap. Subsequent  presentations have been given  by the EPA, Yap Visitors Bureau, Wa’ab Community Health Clinic, Marine Resources, YapCap and Go Local; a campaign to promote local foods and improve health outcomes for people in Yap. The inaugural meeting of the YDN occurred on 3 May 2016. Presentations at the first meeting were made by the Yap branch of International Organization for Migration, College of Micronesia, the Historical Preservation Office, the Department of Youth and Affairs and the Yap Chamber of Commerce.

Feedback from participants and presenters has been positive according to Marie: “People have welcomed the information sharing. We are at the stage where participants and attendees suggest an organization or department to give the next presentation. It’s a great outcome and one Yap Chamber of Commerce is very proud to have been part of.”

For more information, please phone the Yap Chamber of Commerce on 691.350.8990 or email [/restrict]