A woman’s worst enemy is  another woman or women. Women who are afraid you’re standing at the doorway blocking the sunlight that should shine on them. Take that metaphore and note that it’s impossible to block the sun from shining on anyone. The sun shines on everyone even on the wicked. And yet that’s what shame does to a soul that’s been compared to other souls.  A woman who had been told to be better than others in a society driven by honor and shame is what’s holding us from growing.  Nothing is more painful than being expelled, subtly rejected, and mildly ignored in the name of religion.  But we should not be surprised by these behaviors.  That’s fear and shame talking.

I’m sure some of you have been there.  You’ve been jugdged because you’re not good enough or better than expected. They will give you reasons and excuses to why throwing mud on your face is justified.  It happens all the time, if you’re honest with yourself.  I’ve had thrown mud on others too and I had to wash my hands in daily confession and repentance. They can rationalize, intellectualize, even spiritualize their judgment but.thats not God’s way.  We should celebrate the fact that we women are accepted in Christ.

Jesus revolutionized women in the first century from being properties to be equal members of the society. He told the nameless woman at the well that he was the Messiah.  He appeared to Mary Magdalene on the resurrection day.  The two  women he chose as the bookends of the gospel.  One who had been married five times. The other was possessed by seven demons. By the way, there’s NO record in the Scriptures that claim Mary a prostitute. That was Pope Gregory in the sixth  century who called her a whore.  

Sometimes there are those who are afraid you’re standing out as significant and will label you as something you’re not. That’s just insecurity, envy and jealousy talking.  Your worth as a woman child of God is not because of what you’ve done but because of Christ Jesus and what he has done.

It’s never about us but Christ.  And Christ was never into expelling or excluding anyone. He’s into saving, transforming … the inside work in the heart. He doesn’t need us; he wants us.

You want to compete, be better than you were yesterday.  Your heart matters to God.

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