On Friday, June 5, 57 young Palauans, ages 9 to 14, celebrated President’s Day by learning how to fish. The President’s Day Junior Anglers Catch and Release Fishing Derby is a chance for the youth to participate in a friendly competition and learn the basics of traditional hand-line fishing. Each receiving a fishing line with a hook and sinker, the young Palauans proceeded to catch a wide variety of fish, which were weighed and released.

Winners of the fishing competition were announced at the Marine Law Compound on the afternoon of June 5, at a brief awarding ceremony hosted by President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. In First Place was Mr. Jace Borja, catching 10.8 pounds of fish. In Second Place was Mr. Jandall Emiwo, with 5.8 pounds. Third Place was  Ms. Arianna Ngirmeriil, followed by Mr. Omuchel Kent and Mr. Jeremy Emiwo.

President Remengesau congratulated the young anglers and announced a consolidation prize of $10.00 and $10.00 airtime. “As Palauans you cannot say you are a Palauan if you don’t know how to fish,” the President said to the youth and their families. He added, “We also have to balance. We catch some, eat some, and release some. You release the small and undersized fish for the next fishing trip and for the next generation. I hope that’s the lesson you all learned today.”