Tim Beketaut was given an Outstanding Citizenship Award by the Koror State Leadership on Thursday October 22nd.
This award was given to Mr. Beketaut to recognize his effort in re-painting a wall in Dngeronger that was vandalized back in September.
Intially, Dngeronger Legislator Tangesechel Mariur was made aware of the vandalism and was about to take care of it. However, Mr. Beketaut had already taken the initiative to clean up the damage.
Legislator Mariur disclosed that he along with the other Koror State Leaders have met up with the mother of the one who vandalized the wall and have come to an understanding. The mother also conveyed her gratitude towards Mr. Beketaut for the good deed.
Tim Beketaut became aware of the vandalized wall when someone tagged him on Facebook. He then passed by the wall and did not like what he saw so he purchased paint to paint over it.
Beketaut said if something bad happens and that a person is able to fix it then they do not need to wait for anyone else to come and fix it. However, if it is beyond the individual’s limitation then that’s when it should be a team effort.
Mr. Beketaut said his parents raised him to do what he can to help his community. He hopes that his actions can inspire youth to help out in their communities.
According to the Koror State Leaders, Mr. Beketaut is the first ever recipient of this award. He was raised at Dngeronger and is representing the hamlet as their Youth Leader.

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