By Rhealyn C. Pojas

The young Palauan Olympian swimmer who had been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Taiwan after a car accident last year is now reportedly recovering from his injuries and can now walk without crutches and additional assistance.

Even with the latest development in his condition, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a press statement sent to Island Times that young Palauan Olympian swimmer Noel Keane continues his daily physiotherapy at the Shin Kong Hospital (SKH) in Taiwan.


The MOH recognized SKH’s efforts in continuously rending medical care and services to the young Olympian.

According to the same press statement, a generous contribution by SKH Chairman Eugene Tung-Chin Wu also waived the 20% co-payment and room charges on Keane’s medical expenses.

Before going to Taiwan, Keane had his initial operation conducted by a team at the Belau National Hospital (BNH) who had helped stabilized his condition.

Keane had been involved in an automobile accident last year that caused severe damage to his leg. [/restrict]