Chelsea Ngirakesiil, the 29-year old woman who was charged with the death of her husband Charlie Ngcheed in April last year, has been convicted by the court for Manslaughter.

The court verdict states that Chelsea Ngirakesiil recklessly caused the death of Charlie Ngcheed and is guilty of manslaughter.

According to charging documents, Chelsea Ngirakesiil had caused the death of her 41 year old husband Charlie Ngcheed by striking him in the head, pushing his head unto the car and releasing his shirt allowing him to hit his head on a concrete surface.

Police affidavit stated that on April 3 police responded to a call from Taoch ra Mechang in Ngermid, reporting an individual that was unresponsive and had no pulse. The victim, Mr. Charlie Ngcheed was transported to the hospital where he died the following day.

Autopsy report showed that the victim had suffered skull fracture, bleeding inside the head and brain tissue damage and determined the cause of death to be Extensive Intracranial Hemorrhage causing brain tissue damage.

Witness at the scene alleged that Ms. Ngirakesiil “woke up the victim by hammering into the victim’s head with her fist.”  The investigative report stated that she had grabbed the Mr. Ngcheed’s shirt and pushed him toward a parked car hitting his head onto the car before she released his shirt.  The Mr. Ngcheed allegedly fell and hit his head on the concrete surface.

Report further stated that onlookers came to the victim’s aid including a Dr. Jason Arurang who recommended that the victim be taken to hospital.  Chelsea Ngirakesiil, victim’s wife and alleged attacker, instead took him home and laid him on the porch until the afternoon when someone noticed that he was not breathing and called 911.

The court verdict stated that “having considered all the evidence adduced at the trial” it finds that Ngirakesiil has caused the death of Charlie Ngcheed. Sentencing is set for June 26, 2020.