photo from Office of the President Facebook Page

A donation of a 1000 bottles of sterilizing alcohol gel and foam hand soap arrived at Palau International Airport on March 28th.

Although there are still no cases for COVID-19 present in Palau, measures are still being taken so that it can either be prevented or controlled.

The donated items were courtesy of Pan Pacific International Holdings (PPIH). The Founder of PPIH, Mr. Yasuda Takao was contacted by the Embassy of Japan in Palau and was made aware that Palau was seeking assistance in getting virus prevention items.

Additionally, these items were transported through JAL charter flight without charge, making it completely expense-free.

Ambassador Karasawa and Minister Faustina Marugg were present at the time of the flights arrival.

Minister Faustina stated that “I would like to send letters of appreciation to all people who made this assistance come true even though it was a request at the last moment. We would like to use them for virus prevention for elderly people.”

The Embassy of Japan hopes that these items that were received will help aide with the prevention and control of COVID-19. Also, the Embassy of Japan extends their appreciation to JAL and PPIH for their cooperation with aiding the Palau Government.