A bill mandating Palau National Scholarship Board (PNSB) to establish student loan repayment programs through regulation have passed both houses of the Obliil Era Kelulau as rider on the reef fish ban measure.

The bill will either be signed into law by the President or referred back for further amendments.

The findings in the bill state that “Palauans who venture abroad to complete post-secondary education and professional degrees encounter financial obstacles when they attempt to return home.”

It further states, “Student loan should never prevent a graduate from returning home …and Republic is always in need of talented workers and increasing the education level of our domestic workforce is a priority.”

Thus, the bill mandates PNSB to establish loan repayment programs for post-graduate students to return home after completing their degrees and work to repay their loans.

The bill also expands the internship eligibility program to include interning in Palau’s diplomatic missions overseas.

PNSB currently has loan repayment programs for undergraduate degree students who return home after receiving their undergraduate degrees from a college or university.