This year will marked the 25th year anniversary of Mechesil Belau Conference and a supplemental budget before the congress is proposing $100,000 budget for the event.

According to House Bill No. 10-80-6s,HD7, SD8, the bill authorized $70,000 for funding “operational and contingent expenses relating to the 25th Silver Anniversary Conference…$30,00 shall be allocated to cover participating cheldebechel’s conference, related expenses such as blekatel, besiich and kles”.  The House version appropriated $70,000 for the anniversary conference while the Senate version added additional $30,000 to make for $100,000 budget.

2017 Mechesil Belau conference was a two-day event and government appropriated $35,000. $30,000 was appropriated for the 2-day Mechesil Belau Conference in 2016 as well.

Mechesil Belau Conference had annually brought national leaders, program managers, ministers and other key agencies from all areas of government to address issues of concerns to the women of Palau and Palau in general.

In 2017, the theme was “Dikesed ra Rechuodel mei, ulukuruled: bedenged, uldesued, omerreled, omngeled, tekinged ma omengedmeklel a delengchekled.” The central issue was to recommend actions to reduce customary stress.

Mechesil Belau is non-profit organization consisting of traditional women leaders of Palau, led by Bilung Gloria Salii of Oreor. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)