House of Delegates voted to reject Senate’s version of supplemental budget to the FY 2018 Annual Budget during its Sixth Regular Session on April 2018.

The bill seeks to amend the FY 2018 Budget, amend 40 PNC 2706c the PPEF fund, to appropriate funds to Ministry of health for Health Assistant Training Program, appropriate funds to the Palau Postal System for the continuation of the Philatelic Office extension, to appropriate funds for Mechesil Belau 25th Silver Anniversary Conference and to fund certain state CIP projects.

Differences between both houses of OEK are in the funding amounts for certain special items such as the Mechesil Belau 25th Anniversary Conference which the House had approved $70,000 but Senate approved $100,000.

Additionally, Senate increased Micronesian Games budget up to $250,000 from House version of $200,000.

Senate version placed a condition on the release of additional appropriation for a field trip to Hatobei for land survey pending full report with detail of proposed field trip.

Both house agreed on the amount of funding for some States CIP projects but Senate added $50,000 to Kayangel State which was not included in the House version.

On major policy funding, both houses agreed to allocate $25 from PPEF fee shall go to security, maintenance, operation of the airport and 50% of the collected amount of PPEF to pay Civil Service Pension Plan Fund.

Both houses will now appoint their representatives to the conference committee to iron out their differences on this bill before it can move on. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)