Two women appointed Vice Speajer at two different swearing-in

By: L.N. Reklai
January 11, 2018 (Ngaraard, Palau) The 10th Ngaraard State Assembly newly elected members took their oaths of office and were installed yesterday at Ngaraard State Office in Ngebuked, Ngaraard.
Wilbert Ngirakamerang was sworn in as the Speaker of Olbetibel or Ngaraard State Assembly. Mr. Ngirakamerang ran for At-Large representative. Lucia Franz, Ngkeklau County representative became the Vice Speaker and John Temengil of Ulimang became the new Floor Leader.

The event did not include swearing in of the new Governor due to Ngaraard State Constitution setting different dates for the new governor to take office. The new governor-elect is Benjamin Iskawa, former Speaker of Ngaraard State Assembly.
Both Ngaraard State and Koror State held their elections for new governments in December last year. Yesterday both appointed women as Vice Speakers in their new legislatures. Ann Pedro was sworn in on the same day as Vice Speaker of Koror State Legislature while Lucia Franz was sworn in as Vice Speaker of Ngaraard State Assembly. [/restrict]