Twelve out of the thirteen individuals who violated the Koror State House of Traditional Leaders Ulekdubs policy appeared before HOTL to answer to the acts that violated the HOTL policy.

According to the information from the HOTL, the 12 individuals “admitted to their guilt” and apologized, showing remorse and “begged forgiveness of Ibedul Alexander Merep and the HOTL.  They also “gave assurances that ‘from here forward they shall respect their policy regarding the HOTL membership and not publicly call others who are not legitimate title holders and are not sitting members of HOTL.”

The violators also bore traditional titles of various clans throughout Palau, and the decision was made that it was “within everyone’s interest to settle the matter amicably and avoid further dispute.”

“It is good, and I am grateful that a peaceful settlement is reached during the meeting between the parties in an atmosphere of respect and common understanding which was agreeable to both parties, thereby avoiding a possible complicated and costly legal confrontation,” Ibedul said.”

One out of the thirteen cited individuals did not show up when called, and the information from the HOTL said that that individual would be dealt with in the coming days.   HOTL had earlier threatened a lawsuit if violators of their Ulekdubs (cultural) policy do not comply.

The twelve who admitted to their guilt and complied were fined by Rubasch Gabriel Adelbai as tradition dictates.

HOTL chose not to reveal the names of the violators of their policy.

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