The Twelfth Aimeliik State Legislature finally organized yesterday December 26th, 2019, 16 days after the initial installation session on December 10th was adjourned without electing its permanent officers.

A majority of the elected legislators called the session after 16 days of no communication from the Temporary Speaker Kyle Ongesii.   Legislator Jeff Eriich, Legislator Jason Techur Timulch, Legislator Alvin Samsel, Legislator Scott WeersErungel, Legislator Kolas Eriich and Legislator Larry Mamis, six out of nine elected members of the Aimeliik State Legislature signed a letter calling for a session of the 12thAimeliik Legislature.  A letter signed by the six members said that they were calling the session in accordance with Aimeliik Constitution Article IV Section 7, which states that a simple majority of the members of the Aimeliik State Legislature constitutes a quorum to transact business

Legislator Jeff Eriich, Legislator Jason Techur Timulch, Legislator Alven Samsel, Legislator Scott Weers Erungel, and Legislator Kolas Eriich, comprising the simple majority attended the session and adopted Resolution ASL 12-01, installing Legislator Jeff Eriich as the new Speaker, Legislator Alvin Samsel as Vice Speaker and Legislator Jason Techur Timulch as Floor Leader.

Legislator Kyle Ongesii, Legislator Leilani Senior, Legislator WridanNgiralmau and Legislator Larry Mamis were not present at the session.

Legislator Jason Timulch said they reached out numerous times to other members of the legislature over the past two weeks to try to work out issues with them.

“We cannot wait forever. Aimeliik Constitution is very clear,” added Legislator Timulch quoting Article IV Section 7.  “The Aimeliik State Legislature shall bya majority of its members adopt its own rules of procedure not in conflict with this constitution which are based upon the principles of the equal opportunity of the individual members of the legislature to be heard.  A simple majority of the members of the Aimeliik State Legislature shall constitute a quorum to transact business..”

“The community is waiting for us, (a rechadrabeluu a mengiiler kid) expressed the new Speaker Eriich at the session.  “Now that we have organized, we need to work with our colleagues who are not here.  We all ran for the good of this State not the bad and we need to all join hands and work with Governor to improve our State, for the good of our people,” stated Speaker Eriich after his appointment as a Speaker.

The election of the Officers of the 12thAimeliik Legislature did not take place at the initial installation session after the Temporary Speaker Kyle Ongesii adjourned the session before the election of officers. (L.N Reklai)