Thirteen medical staff of the Ministry of Health had been recently certified as Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Providers.

The MOH medical staff namely Doctors Yuriko Bechesrrak, Myra Adelbai, Catherine Decherong, Cedric Isip, Sheryl Miranda, Samantha Olkeriil and Nurses Loretta Philip, Louisa Benaya, Carolynn Ngiraswei, Jocelyne Tonyokwe, Nurse Kimberly Idip were among those that were certified.


Nurses Jay Hinojales. Nurse Idip, Nurse Tonyokwe, Ngiraswei and Doctors Bechesrrak, Adelbai, Decherong, were also certified as PALS Instructors. As instructors, they are trained in organizing and leading PALS training for other healthcare providers.

PALS is the proper application of medical knowledge and skills designed to assist healthcare providers in stabilizing conditions of infants or children who are critically ill.

Topics covered during the training included basic life support, treatment of critically ill infants and children, and management of respiratory emergencies.

Participants also reviewed PALS algorithms—a set of clinical interventions that outline steps for improving the medical condition of children in life-threatening emergencies.

Instructor for the training was Mr. Edward “Chico” Caballero. Mr. Caballero is an emergency medical services professor at Kapi’olani Community College in Hawaii. He has served as a paramedic for over thirty (30) years. Mr. Caballero has also provided essential emergency medical training for other agencies in Palau such as the Division of Fire & Rescue and Division of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (AARF).

The PALS Training was held from March 26, 2018 to March 30, 2018 at the Belau National Hospital. [/restrict]