About 150 soldiers will arrive today in Angaur State via C-130 , as part of United States Army Defender Pacific 20 Exercise.
The four-day exercise will support Angaur airfield improvement and assist the state government with respect to a barge that was swept unto the reef in Angaur after a major storm last year.
Vice President RaynoldOilouch in a press conference on Wednesday said that C130 flight coming today will bring in military personnel, going straight to Angaur.
Oilouch assured that they went through quarantine outside of Palau and provided COVID-19 negative test results.
He added that the soldiers will be only here until Sept. 8.
“The soldiers will just be at the airfield for 5 days. Police will be there to make sure that no one comes into contact with the soldiers as they do their work in Angaur, “ Oilouch stated,
A military watercraft will alsoarrive there at the same time with 30 soldiers to help with the removal of the barge in Angaur.
The Defender Pacific 20 Exercise also had an advanced team of six personnel who arrived in Palau on August 12 and was required a pre-arrival negative COVID-19 test, 14-day quarantine period and additional negative tests upon arrival.
As part of the exercise in Angaur, there will be a beach landing of equipment on Red Beach. The watercraft carrying 30 soldiers were also required pre-arrival negative test, pre-arrival quarantine protocols.
The president said the soldiers will stay in Angaur and will have minimal interaction with the community.
With this, the United States Embassy, in a diplomatic note also informed the Palau government last week that another set of military personnel from the Air Force arrived this week to conduct validation surveys in and around the airfields here.
The note however did not say how many the soldiers are but that they will be conducting the work from Sept. 16-26, after completing Palau’s 14-day quarantine.
“The Embassy appreciates the close coordination with the Government of the Republic of Palau regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic and our shared commitment to minimize and mitigate risks of exposure to the virus,” the diplomatic note stated.
The embassy added that the Koa Moana exercise that had been concluded demonstrated the success of ensuring Palau remains COVID-free.

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