COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact many countries in the region and around the world, but it has not stopped the 16 students who left Palau this month to pursue their dreams and higher education goals in Taiwan. The first group left Palau on September 22 while the second group flew out of Palau on September 29. These students were awarded scholarships to study different fields of their choice in Taiwan.   The scholarships were offered by the Republic of China- Taiwan’s MOFA and ICDF.

The last group left on Wednesday this week flying via China Airlines to Taiwan, a 3-hour flight, departing Palau around 5 pm and arriving in Taiwan at 11 pm.  Guided by staff from the education’s department, the students were able to complete their online health declarations, go through Taiwan’s immigration, and finally, get past the country’s Covid testing processes where they were given small clear containers to collect a measured amount of their spit which they submitted to airport health officials.

These are just some of the procedures the students undertake under the “new normal”, to remain safe and pursue their dreams.

Despite being fully vaccinated, the students will quarantine for 14 days in designated hotels.  They are provided means and amenities within the designated hotels during their quarantine period.

Some of the students are already scheduled to start taking online classes while in quarantine.  The students who will be taking Mandarin classes will also be taking online classes starting October 6, while in quarantine. 

Following the completion of 14 days quarantine, the students will complete 7 days of self-management where they will wear masks and avoid mass gatherings. After a week of self-health management, the students can begin moving about like all residents.

President Whipps in a previous press conference reiterated the reason for pushing vaccination and opening the travel bubble with Taiwan, saying it was not just for tourism but for medical services and educational purposes. (By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang)

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