One hundred seventy-eight (178) students from five high schools and one adult high school in Palau are receiving their diplomas this month, starting May 29th to June 8th. 

Eighty-four college degrees were conferred this past Friday at Palau’s only institution of higher learning, the Palau Community College.  The degrees earned were in areas of Agricultural Science, Criminal Justice, Community, and Public Health, Education, Environmental/Marine Science, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Engineering and Mathematics, Business Accounting, Business Administration, Information Technology, Tourism & Hospitality, Air Condition & Refrigeration Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, General Electronics, and Small Engine and Outboard Marine Technology.

The graduating students this 2022 faced most disruptions during their final school year as a result of the COVID outbreak and have worked to complete their required courses and achieve their goals, graduating, attested to by a diploma or a degree earned.

Vice President Uduch Sengebau-Senior, the commencement speaker at PCC’s 59th Commencement Exercise recognized the students’ efforts and their achievements.  She urged them to apply their earned degrees, and open up to new opportunities and experiences.

Palau High School will hold its commencement exercise this Thursday, May 19 at the Palau National Gym, the first of the five high schools to hold its graduation this month.  It is also the largest in terms of number, with 104 graduating seniors.

Emmaus-Bethania High School will be the last high school to hold its commencement exercise, scheduled for June 8, 2022. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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